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Decoart – Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 2oz

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Weight .070 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm
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Sale! Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Quick View

Pearl Ex Powder 3 grams

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments-3 grams by Jacquard Check out the amazing colour chart by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree 5 Newest PearlEx colours now available as open stock or a set. Knox Gold, Hot Copper, Duo Green-Yellow, Duo Aqua-Blue and Duo Blue-Purple. If you want all 5 new colours look for Set A-5 Colours in the drop menu. Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments may be used any time a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired: mix them into acrylics, oils, printing inks, encaustics, alcohol inks, epoxy, glues, casting resins, clay, varnishes…the list goes on! Try it mixed with Gum Arabic for a DIY metallic calligraphy ink or watercolor, in the Pearl Ex Varnish for working on non-porous surfaces, or mixed into one of Jacquard’s colorless extenders for use on fabric. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen. Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal—it will never tarnish or fade! Read Ginger's article in full on her website.  Get the Colour Chart Here.
$4.95$21.99 H.S.T. Select options

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Cernit Varnish - Glossy 250 ml Quick View

CERNIT Varnish-Glossy 250 ml

Cernit Varnish-Glossy Finish 250 ml It is completely transparent after drying and very resistant to scratches. The varnish is also water resistant. Available in a large 250 ml. For your Cernit polymer clay creations, use the appropriate varnish from the same brand! This water-based varnish must go through the firing to be able to preserve your jewelry, figurines or various creations from knocks and scratches. This large 250 ml size will go far. See below for more info.
$22.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Sale!New! Posca PC-3M Bullet tip marker Quick View

POSCA Fine Bullet Tip Marker 3m (0.9-1.3mm)

POSCA Fine Bullet Tip Marker PC 3M (0.9-1.3mm)-Choose colour from drop down menu Markers contain a not-toxic, water-based pigment ink. Medium Line (More info below)
$3.99 H.S.T. Select options
DecoArt Gesso 4oz White Quick View

Decoart – Gesso 4 oz

DecoArt Gesso 4 fl oz DecoArt Gesso now available. Highly pigmented for superior, one-coat coverage. Use as a primer to seal and add tooth to most surfaces for maximum paint adhesion. Build texture by applying the gesso with a palette knife or by carving into it while still wet. Available in White. Use on our natural wood coasters here and here.
$6.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Nuvo Masking Fluid Quick View

Nuvo Masking Fluid 1.5oz

NUVO Masking Fluid 1.5oz Use as a resist with all of your art work. Apply to your surface let dry.  Apply alcohol ink, paint etc. When your media of choice has dried just peel away the mask to reveal the base color. Made in France.
$7.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Tim Holtz® Tools by Tonic Studios - 7" Non-stick Micro-Serrated Snip Quick View

Tim Holtz® Tools by Tonic Studios – 7″ Non-stick Micro-Serrated Snips

Tim Holtz® Tools by Tonic Studios - 7" Non-stick Micro-Serrated Snip Tim Holtz & Tonic Studios the popular 7" Titanium Snip. Micro Serrated edge. Resistant to rust and corrosion, high durability Titanium coated blades Not for use by children.
$25.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Quick View

Surprise Gift Bag + 1 FREE Cernit Polymer Clay (56g)

A Surprise Bag! What could be more perfect this time of year? For just $22, we have curated a lovely surprise bag with a retail value of $40. And as a thank you for purchasing one, we are gifting you 1 free full-size  package of Cernit polymer clay inside every surprise bag! Perfect to give as a gift or to put under the tree for yourself! It's already wrapped for you and even comes with a blank gift tag attached for you to fill out! At minimum, each bag has a retail value of $40 (NOT including the the clay!) Not to ruin the surprise or anything, but every bag contains the following: 1 regular sized QCC Perfect Pearl Powder 1 metal bracelet form 1 metal cookie-type cutter Enough findings to create 24 pairs of earrings (gold and silver tone) Several coloured self-locking necklace cords SoftGlas cording with at least 1 joiner charm Various other metal findings and charms Plus, as a thank-you, we are giving you 1 full sized block of Cernit polymer clay (56g) inside every bag! Limited quantities.  Don't wait! (All colour choices are curated by us).
$22.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
Multi Medium Matte Quick View

Multi Medium – Matte .5 oz

Multi Medium - Matte .5 oz Ranger’s Multi-Medium is an artist quality acrylic gel medium that can be used as a super strong adhesive, acrylic paint extender or sealer. Use it in many mixed-media techniques including image transfers or resist. Multi Medium is non-yellowing and dries clear.
$4.50 H.S.T. Add to cart
Sculpey Satin Glaze for use with polymer clay Quick View

Sculpey Glaze 1oz (Satin)

Sculpey Glaze 1oz (Satin) Add a durable seal or finish to baked polymer clay items with this compatible acrylic water-based finish.
$8.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Fimo Liquid Gel Quick View

Fimo Liquid Gel

Fimo Liquid Gel - CLEAR 50 ml Oven-hardening deco gel Transparent Extremely flexible Suitable for a variety of applications Can be mixed with oil paints and paint powder  
$18.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer 2oz Quick View

Decoart – Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer 2oz

DecoArt Multi-Purpose™ Sealer 2oz Seal raw wood and improve acrylic paint adhesion with this sealer. It can be used as a basecoat or mixed with paint, and works on non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, and glass.
$3.25 H.S.T. Add to cart

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Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 2oz Quick View

Decoart – Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 2oz

Decoart - Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 2oz It's finally back.  We know you love this product because it produces a brilliant gloss, glaze on all your projects. Acid free, water based and permanant.
$3.25 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Tim Holtz Foundry Waxes Quick View

Distress Foundry Wax  Set of 4

Distress Foundry Wax - Set of 4 Gilded, Mined, Sterling and Statue A fascinating NEW product from Tim Holtz at Ranger.  Watch the video for more info. Distress Foundry Wax is designed to create luminous metallic highlights on porous and non-porous surfaces. The fluid wax transforms into a vibrant metallic finish once heat is applied. Set  includes 4 colours. Each botle 0.5 fl.oz Sorry, we can't ship flammable items outside of Canada
$35.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
Earring Starter Kit with free Texture Sheet Quick View

Polymer Clay Earring Business – Starter Pack

Polymer Clay Earring Business - Starter Pack  -  Valued at almost $50 for the findings alone! Limited quantities Creating a collection of polymer clay earrings should be fun and effortless. Have you ever wanted to get started selling polymer clay earrings but just didn't know where to start so you did nothing instead? Looking at all the available findings out there just confuses you?  Trust me, I've been there. This is your answer.  Not only will you get enough  supplies to make 144 pairs of earrings but so much more! Shepherd Hooks - 144 pcs Flat Earring Posts - 144 pcs Clear Flat Pad Earring Backs - 144 pcs Jump Rings 5mm - 288 pcs Jump Rings 7mm - 288 pcs PLUS we'll throw in some  items polymer clay jewelry makers love to use. 1 - 4"X 6" Texture Sheet (chosen by us) 1 - 1gram tube of Superglue 1 - Small Metal Cutter (chosen by us) Use the cutter to create studs or use it to create patterned polymer clay slabs for your unique collection of earrings. Once you get hooked, you may want to get the pack of 12 different shapes and some larger cutters as well. Find them here.    
$30.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Fimo Liquid Gel Quick View

Fimo Liquid Gel

Fimo Liquid Gel - CLEAR 50 ml Oven-hardening deco gel Transparent Extremely flexible Suitable for a variety of applications Can be mixed with oil paints and paint powder  
$18.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Metallic Foils Quick View

Metallic Foil Leaf Sheets 5.5″ X 5.5″ X 6pc

Metallic Foil Leaf Sheets 5.5" X 5.5" X 6pc Add a special effect to your projects with these metallic foil leaf sheets. Find it in flake form here. Suitable for most crafting surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper and more. For best results seal your project with a top coat. See our top coats here. See our adhesives here. No adhesive necessay when applying to unbaked clay.  
$3.25 H.S.T. Select options
New! Out of stock Pinata Varnish 4oz Quick View

Pinata High Gloss Varnish 4 oz

Pinata High Gloss Varnish 4 oz Pinata high gloss varnish is a game changer.  Non-toxic, self leveling and highly transparent.  This is a durable top coat for alcohol ink or any surface! See more below.  
$22.00 H.S.T. Read more
Sale! T-rex alcohol Inks White-4oz 120ml Quick View

PURE WHITE Alcohol Ink Jurassic Sized 4oz

PURE WHITE Alcohol Ink Jurassic Sized 4oz Crisply and opaquely white and has an applicator tip for easy use. Equivalent to 6 regular T-Rex Bottles! Great for mixing with other inks for a whole new palette. Perfect for ink drop resin art / Petri art.  Find our ArtResin here. See description below.
$18.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
Sculpey Super Slicer Set of 3 Quick View

Sculpey Super Slicer Set – 3 Blades (with handles)

Sculpey Super Slicer Set-3 Blades with Handles - recently redesigned Features 3 interchangeable blades: rigid, flexible, wave and rickrack with safety comfort handles. The comfort handles, with fool-proof saddles, protect hands from sharp blades. Long, rigid blade sections clay and trims wide sheets. Flexible blade cuts curves. The wand and rickrack blades trim sheets with added details.WARNING: Blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. (Video shows the older model).
$20.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
T-Rex Starlight Shimmer Alcohol Ink Quick View

T-Rex Alcohol Ink STARLIGHT SHIMMER SET of 12 Jumbo Sized .67oz (20ml) Bottles

Starlight Shimmer Alcohol Ink Set of 12 Jumbo Sized .67oz (20ml) Bottles The 12 sparkling colors of the STARLIGHT SHIMMER SET are: Prism Pink, Red Alert, Flux Orange, Nuclear Yellow, Firefly, Laser Green, Infinity Teal, Ion Blue, Quantum Cobalt, Plasma Purple, Nebula, and Stardust Blender. Starlight Shimmer Sparkling Alcohol Ink 12 Bottle Set With Clear Shimmer Blender UNFORTUNATELY, WE DO NOT SHIP ALCOHOL INK OUTSIDE OF CANADA See a description of the colours below
$54.00 H.S.T. Add to cart

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