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Polyform Liquid Sculpey Set – Primary Colours

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Liquid Sculpey® Polymer Clay
You love crafting clay creations. From dolls and fantastic figurines to jewelry that makes all your friends jealous, clay opens your hands and mind to unlimited possibilities. You can craft trinkets and treasures with your kids, adorn your house with homemade items like coasters and frames, dress up containers, pens and flowerpots with decorations you design and mix in other materials for multimedia creations.

When it comes to crafting, polymer clay is the best material — its soft, workable nature is perfect for pliability and versatile for all your visions. It never dries out when you’re working, you can store it for later and best of all, you can bake it in your home oven for long-lasting creations. As a compliment to our polymer clay we have a liquid polymer clay that works great as a glaze, in oven-safe molds, for window clings and much more!

Liquid Polymer Clay
If you need to draw on clay projects, create personalized designs, add grout between tiles, fill carving pieces, make image transfers, and more, liquid polymer clay is perfect for you. Just like regular polymer clay, our liquid polymer clay is bakeable and long-lasting, but instead of shaping with your hands, you can squeeze it right out of the bottle. Use it for scripting, doodling and designing on clay surfaces, baking shapes in oven-safe silicone molds, creating window clings and any other project you desire.

The best liquid Sculpey® projects start with our bottles of bakeable liquid clay in one of seven colors — white, black, silver, gold, pearl, clear and translucent. Try them all or combine them to your tastes.

How to Use Liquid Polymer Clay
Perfecting liquid polymer clay techniques is simple — just squeeze from the bottle to detail your designs, draw personalized patterns, fill oven-safe silicone molds or seal the spaces between tiles and other objects. If you’re crafting creations with molds, you can bake your clay in each mold, build up and bake again to solidify complex structures.

For awesome image transfers, spread a thin layer of liquid clay over the image material, follow instructions to bake your clay, then soak in water for five minutes before rubbing off the original paper and — voila! — you possess a picture captured forever in clay.

If you need your liquid clay to be a different consistency, it’s possible to adjust it accordingly. For thinner material, add Sculpey® Clay Softener and stir until the clay becomes as fluid as you desire. To thicken, add mica powder, mixing into the clay to reach your preferred consistency.

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Liquid polymer clay is a versatile product that can be used in bakeable silicone molds, to embellish clay, as grout, window clings and so much more! Discover all the possibilities of liquid polymer clay projects. To start your own, purchase our products online and try them out today!


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Weight .170 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 cm
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