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Pop Curtain Sheet 3.5″ X 3.5″

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Their use is so simple and yet the result so beautiful!
Why spend hours modeling a pattern when just pressing down on your clay with the texture plate is enough to get a complex and detailed pattern?

How to use Cernit texture plates?
Several techniques are used to exploit the pattern of texture plates:

Impression printing: for this technique, place the texture plate on the dough previously rolled or dough machine. When it is positioned, press firmly with the stainless steel roller or with the palm of the hand as uniformly as possible. Peel off the plate and see the pattern appear!

Sutton slice: Using small pieces of Cernit, fill in the designs on the plate. Then use the flexible blade to remove the excess dough, in the same way as you remove the excess from a silicone mold. Do not use a rigid blade to avoid damaging your plate.
Once you have carefully removed the excess, place a sheet of dough against the baking sheet. For a better effect, use a color that contrasts with that of Cernit used to fill in the patterns. Turn everything over and press firmly and evenly on the dough sheet so that the two doughs adhere. Gently remove the plate making sure everything is stuck well.

You then obtain a unique effect: the entire design of the plate is in relief!

Mica shift: prepare your Glamor or Shiny dough by kneading it in your hand. It is essential to pass your dough through the dough machine twenty times, always in the same direction. Thus, all the sequins will be oriented in the same direction.
Place the texture plate on the dough and press firmly by hand or with the stainless steel roller to embed each detail of the design in the dough.
Remove the texture plate.
Use a Cernit flexible blade to gradually remove the relief from the design and obtain a smooth paste. As you remove the relief, you will notice that the pattern is printed on the dough thanks to the machine’s work on the glitter.
To bring out the pattern as much as possible, pass the dough with a stainless steel roller.

To make it even easier to remove from the mold, you can put a little talcum powder on your plate.

Useful information
They are made from vulcanized natural rubber which is itself is obtained from latex. For people suffering from an allergy to latex, the use of these structural plates is not recommended.

The texture plates are 9 cm squares. To clean them, you can simply use a little soapy water.

Why buy Cernit texture plates?
Their ease of use and the number of possibilities make them essential

Detailed patterns provide a splendid result

Due to great flexibility, demoulding is easy

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Weight 0.029 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 0.5 cm
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