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Super Sculpey Beige 1 LB (454g)

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Bake at 275 °F (130 °C) for 15 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness.

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Weight .465 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 4 cm
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New! Fimo Leather Effect Sample pack of 12 Quick View

Fimo Polymer Clay Leather Effect Sampler -12 X 25g (0.88 oz)

Fimo Polymer Clay Leather Effect Sampler Pack -25 g X 12 pc (0.88 oz) Saffron Yellow, Olive, Berry, Lagoon, Ochre, Indigo, Dove Grey, Watermelon, Nut, Ivory, Rust and Black. FIMO leather‑effect is an oven-hardening modelling clay that can be shaped and worked in the same way as FIMO soft. After hardening it looks and feels similar to leather, and you can feel the effect even when you're kneading it. Unlike other oven-hardening types of FIMO, FIMO leather‑effect is hardened for 30 minutes at 130° C / 266° F. After hardening, thinly-rolled sheets are highly flexible, and can be bent, cut with scissors, punched or sewn, for example. This modelling clay is ideal for making unique jewellery pieces such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets. It also makes wonderful leather effect decorations for your home. See below for more information. Want more? All 12 - 2 oz colours available in a cost saving bundle here. Need black and white?  We have FIMO Professional and Soft here for a limited time only.  
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Bake & Bond-2oz Quick View

Bake & Bond 2 oz Sculpey

Sculpey® Bake & Bond 2oz Are you looking for the best glue for polymer clay? Sculpey® Bake & Bond will deliver the strength and stick you need. This bakeable adhesive forms an incredibly strong bond between two pieces of polymer clay. Here’s what’s so special about it: Sculpey® Bake & Bond will adhere raw clay to raw clay; raw clay to baked clay and baked clay to baked clay. It also can be used to adhere clay to porous materials. Polymer Clay pieces can be joined together with little pressure to prevent distortion of shapes and fine details. Twist cap for precise flow control! 2 fl oz How to Use Sculpey® Bake & Bond So how can you use this clay adhesive to make sure your pieces attach perfectly for finished projects that make you proud? It’s simple. Join your pieces and adhere items by applying Sculpey® Bake & Bond on the areas you need to bind together. This can mean joining joints or body parts in figurines, attaching sculptures to bases, clay additions to household objects and charms to key chains or magnets. You can apply the glue to raw clay pieces and bake them together to secure the bond, or you can add it to already baked items to make sure they stick for the final outcome. Sculpey® Bake & Bond even works when attaching raw clay to baked clay — it’s that versatile and effective. And there’s no need to apply too much pressure to the pieces to make sure they stay, potentially warping unbaked shapes or details. This glue is strong and will attach easily with just a little push. You can even use it to adhere clay to multimedia projects and porous surfaces. Expand your crafting possibilities and discover your potential when you put Sculpey® Bake & Bond to use. Try it today!    
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Cernit-Opaline Primary Blue 56 g Quick View

Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay -56g

Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay -Primary Blue 56 g We have the 3 primary colours of Opaline because they are what Anna Belchi uses to create and mix. Thanks to the light transparency of the Cernit Opaline, your creations have a finish similar to a varnished, semi-translucent surface! Oops. Ana Belchi has been kind enough to let us use photos of her work. See below for workshop and tutorial info offered by Ana.
$4.99 H.S.T. Select options
Sale! Kato Polymer Clay Clearance Quick View

Kato Polyclay 12.5 oz Pack

Kato Polyclay 12.5oz Pack - Only Magenta is left. The Artists’ Choice of Polymer Clay-Use the colour chart Kato Poly Clay Color Chart Kato Polyclay is an easy-to-use polymer clay that bakes in 10 minutes to become a hard, durable material. Stronger than other clays, objects made with Kato Polyclay become permanent works of art that will resist breaking and wear over time. Its versatile and smooth texture allows for detailed results for all types of work including figures, caning, jewelry, home décor, and model making. All colors in the line may be inter-mixed to produce any color or effect imaginable. It is the first polymer clay created by an artist, for artists.
$13.99 $11.99 H.S.T. Select options
New! Cernit Polymer Clay Quick View

Cernit Polymer Clay NUMBER ONE 56g

Cernit Polymer Clay Number One - 25 colours  56 gram packages   Cernit Number One Series Colours are Opaque and matte. We have added several yummy colours.  Most are included in the No 1 BUNDLE  Presently available: Opaque White 027, Black 100, Xmas Red 463, Green 600, Turquoise Green 676, Yellow 700, Orange 752, Fuchsia 922,  Purple 962, Turquoise Blue 280, Blue 200, Brown 800, Green 600, Newest additions: Caribbean 211, Periwinkle 212, Sky Blue 214, Navy Blue 246, Red 400, Peach 423, English Rose, 476, Sahara 747, Taupe 812, Champagne 045 Mar 2021 -Just added Duck Blue  230 and Emerald Green 620.  Not included in the bundle yet. If their is a demand for the entire line we will bring it in. Cernit Colour Chart See below for workshop and tutorial info offered by Ana.
$4.99 H.S.T. Select options
Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay Quick View

Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay

Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay  New Ivory, Yellow Ochre Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay is an innovative lightweight, strong clay with a suede-like finish + the ability to hold detail makes this an absolute favourite clay of jewelry makers! Large 7 oz blocks of Igloo (white) and Poppy Seed (black)  are available in the drop-down menu with the 1.7oz colours. Click on the chart to see all colours.  (See below for  discontinued colours) Mix them yourself with these recipes. Souffle Color Mixing Chart Have you tried FIMO Leather Effects yet?  It is similar to Souffle.  Lightweight and a bit matt with a slight grain texture on the surface. Try Fimo Leather effects here.
$3.50$13.99 H.S.T. Select options

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New! Cupcake Texture Stamp Quick View

Cupcake Texture Stamp 4.5″X 4.5″

Cupcake Texture Stamp 4.5" X 4.5" Delicate lines perfect for small scale work. Made of translucent, flexible photo polymer which makes positioning your stamp over a particular portion of your design a breeze. Each design comes with it's black and white print out and can be used as a transfer onto polymer clay. Wash your texture stamps with warm soapy water when needed.  Store away from direct sunlight when not in use.
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New! Waffling Texture Stamp Quick View

Waffling Texture Stamp

Waffling Texture Stamp 4.5" X 4.5" Made of translucent, flexible photo polymer. Will go through most pasta machines. Small scale designs perfect for polymer clay, metal clay and other stamping crafts. Bonus: each texture sheet comes with the matching print-out to use as a transfer on polymer clay! Wash with warm soapy water when needed. Store away from direct sunlight.
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Jump Rings - Gold Tone 7mm 144 pcs Quick View

Jump Rings – Gold 7mm 144 pcs

Jump Rings - Gold tone  7 mm 144 pcs Measured by weight so count may not always be exact.
$5.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
PanPastel Metallics set of 6 Quick View

PanPastel Metallics – Set of 6 Colours

PanPastel Metallic - Set of 6 Colours Contains all 6 Metallic Colours. Metallics can be used on their own or mixed with the original colours for custom metallic effects. These are beautiful artist quality pigments that blend effortlessly.  Perfect with polymer clay too. Contains: 1 x Copper 931.5 1 x Pewter 921.5 1 x Silver 920.5 1 x Rich Gold 911.5 1 x Light Gold 910.5 1 x Bronze 930.5 2 x Sofft Mini Applicator 2 x Sofft Sponge Bars 4 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2) 2 x Storage Jars
$59.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
PanPastel Pure Colour Set 20 Quick View

PanPastel Pure Colours/Painting – Set of 20 Colours

PanPastel Pure Colours/Painting - Set of 20 Colours 20 Pure Colours - ideal as a general painting set. All colours can be mixed for intermediate colors. These are beautiful artist quality pigments that blend effortlessly.  Perfect with polymer clay too. Please see below for list of colours and accessories contained in this set.
$164.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
PanPastel Tints Set of 5 Quick View

PanPastel Tints – Set of 5 Colours

PanPastel Tints - Set of 5 Colours Starter set of Tints. All colours can be mixed to create intermediate colours. Contains: 1 x Hansa Yellow Tint 220.8 1 x Permanent Green Tint 640.8 1 x Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8 1 x Violet Tint 470.8 1 x Permanent Red Tint 340.8 1 x Storage Jar 1 x Sofft Sponge Bar 2 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2) 1 x Sofft Mini Applicator
$46.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Out of stock Pearl Ex Powder Pigments Series 3 Quick View

Pearl Ex Powder Series Set 3 – 3g X 12

Pearl Ex Powder Series Set 3- 3g X 12 This prepackaged set includes:640 Carbon Black, 641 Pumpkin Orange, 642 Salmon Pink, 643 Pink Gold, 644 Reflex Violet, 645 Grey Lavender, 646 Mink, 647 Sky Blue, 651 Pearl White, 660 Antique Bronze, 665 Sunset Gold, 681 Duo Blue-Green. Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments may be used any time a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired: mix them into acrylics, oils, printing inks, encaustics, alcohol inks, epoxy, glues, casting resins, clay, varnishes…the list goes on! Try it mixed with Gum Arabic for a DIY metallic calligraphy ink or watercolor, in the Pearl Ex Varnish for working on non-porous surfaces, or mixed into one of Jacquard’s colorless extenders for use on fabric. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen. Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal—it will never tarnish or fade! Check out the amazing colour chart by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree Read Ginger's article in full on her website.  Get the Colour Chart Here.
$55.00 H.S.T. Read more
Screw Eyes Gold 1cm 144 pcs Quick View

Screw Eyes – Gold -1cm long 144 pcs

Screw Eyes  Gold - 1 cm in length with a 3mm eye opening 144 pcs These are our smallest screw eyes yet.  We looked long and hard for a source for these.  Use screw eyes with polymer clay as a means to hang or attach other findings and turn your creations into jewelry or wall hangings. You can also screw into the ends of thick Buna cord and then attach jump rings or clasps etc. You can alter the original colour of the screw eyes with alcohol inks or patinas etc. to change the look of the metal if desired. Measured by weight so count may not always be exact.
$15.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Sale!New! Polyform-Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine Quick View

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine

Polyform-Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine Whether you are creating a simple project or a complicated masterpiece, the clay conditioning machine will help make the creating process easier. Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets or various thickness to use with cutters or for caning, creating color blends or adding texture. The clay conditioning machine is loaded with features. The machine has nine different thickness settings, non- skid feet and a C-clamp. New and improved; corrosion resistant stainless steel rollers, no plating on the rollers like other machines on the market, smoother rolling of clay, high quality keyed gearing system for a more durable machine. This 5-1/4x5- 3/4x8-1/4 inch package contains one clay machine with a handles, C clamp and instructions.
$74.99 $65.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Sculpey Tools Jewelry Template Quick View

Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack

Sculpey® Jewelry Designs Template Pack Quickly and easily cut out shapes to use in your jewelry creations! Reusable, flexible, transparent material allows for easy positioning on your clay design before cutting. Six sheets of templates that will make creating jewelry pieces quick and easy! Wide range of DIY: 64 trendy, unique shapes in different sizes, allow you to make a large variety of unique jewelry pieces! Templates come with both the positive and negative pieces of each shape Template size – 6.5” H x 2.75” W Easy to use: these reusable templates can be placed on flat clay and cut out shapes using a variety of tools – knife tool from the 5 in 1 set, a needle tool or a clay blade. Transparent material to allow for easy positioning on your clay design Made from durable polypropylene material – washable and reusable    
$7.25 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Premo and Soufflé Multi pak Quick View

Sculpey Premo and Souffle Multi Pack – 24 Colours X 1oz each

Sculpey Premo and Souffle Multi Pack - 24 Colours X 1oz each This multi-pack combines two of the most popular clay brands together - Premo™ metallics and glitters and a versatile range of colors from Soufflé! Mix these two brands of clay together to create beautiful jewelry, home décor and mixed media projects! Includes 12 1 oz pieces: Sculpey Premo™ Rose Gold Glitter, Copper, Yellow Gold Glitter, 18K Gold, Gray Granite, Bright Green Pearl, Peacock Pearl, Galaxy Glitter, White Gold Glitter, Silver, Pearl, Frost White Glitter Includes 12 .9 oz pieces: Sculpey Soufflé™ Cherry Pie, Pumpkin, Canary, Shamrock, Sea Glass, Bluestone, Cornflower, Turnip, Poppy Seed, Cowboy, Latte, Igloo More info below.
$38.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Sculpey Super Slicer Set of 3 Quick View

Sculpey Super Slicer Set – 3 Blades (with handles)

Sculpey Super Slicer Set-3 Blades with Handles - recently redesigned Features 3 interchangeable blades: rigid, flexible, wave and rickrack with safety comfort handles. The comfort handles, with fool-proof saddles, protect hands from sharp blades. Long, rigid blade sections clay and trims wide sheets. Flexible blade cuts curves. The wand and rickrack blades trim sheets with added details.WARNING: Blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. (Video shows the older model).
$20.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Sculpey Bead Maker Quick View

Sculpey Tools – Bead Maker

Sculpey® Bead Maker The Sculpey® Bead Maker allows you to create beautiful perfectly-round polymer clay beads for your designs in minutes. Choose from 3 different size beads — 13 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm — with 3 precise snap in molds for rolling. Measuring cups guarantee a perfectly-sized, perfectly-round bead every time! Easy to use and makes beads in seconds.    
$18.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Sculpey Clay Extruder for polymer clay Quick View

Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder

Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder Whether you want to create small, unique shapes for a bracelet or make hair for a sculpture, our Sculpey Tools™ Clay Extruder is the perfect tool. The polymer clay extruder is a stainless steel tool that you can use to manually mold your clay into something new. Create the pieces you need to finish your project by inserting your clay in the barrel and pressing the clay out — it's a simple, easy way to get creative. 19 interchangeable discs Great for making clovers, ropes, grass, hair and more! Material die-cast steel Easily disassembles for cleanup. Clean up tip - bake the barrel at 250 °F (121 °C) for 15 minutes. Let cool, and then gently chip out any clay residue.
$24.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Sculpey Silicone Bezel Mold for Jewelry Quick View

Sculpey Tools – Silicone Mold Bezel

Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Mold - Bezel The bezel mold allows you to quickly and easily make beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. This one mold has 3 different sizes perfect for making all types of jewelry from earrings to bracelets! Add dimension to your jewelry making! Silicone mold bakes in the oven! Works perfectly with the Sculpey® Silicon Bakeable Mold - Cabochon found here. Works great with both clay and Liquid Sculpey® products. Quickly and easily make detailed jewelry, gifts and items for home décor. Simply mold, flex and release! Can be used with oven-bake, air dry and non-drying clays as well as Plaster of Paris, craft soap and candle wax. Mold includes the following shapes: Triangle, Round and Tear Drop in 3 popular sizes, .75", 1", and 1.25"  
$15.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Sculpey Tools Silicone Mold PET/BABY Quick View

Sculpey Tools – Silicone Mold Pet/Baby Mold

Sculpey® Silicone Bakeable Mold – Pet / Baby This fun oven-bake mold contains 22 unique shapes for maximum creativity in your projects! This mold was designed to work perfectly with our Liquid bakeable medium and comes with a squeegee to make an evenly filled mold easier than ever! Simply fill the mold cavities with the liquid bakeable medium, squeegee off excess and bake! If using oven-bake clay simply fill the mold with clay, trim off the excess and bake! These pieces are sized perfectly for all types of projects from jewelry, paper crafting, home décor and more! Oven-safe high quality silicone Mold size 3.75” H x 4.87” W 1.25” x 1” squeegee included for us with Liquid Sculpey Shapes include: Pet – Dog Bone, Paw Prints, Cat Head, Dog Head, Fish bone, Collar Tags, Dog and Cat Dishes Baby - Hearts, Rattle, Rubber Ducky, Foot Prints, Stork, Blocks, Bow , Teddy Bear Easy to use, very flexible and non-toxic Easy to clean with soap and water Can be used up to 450 °F
$15.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Stud with 6mm flat pad base Quick View

Stud Earrings 6mm base 144 pcs

Stud Earring Base 6mm Pad 144 pcs each Each package contains 144 gold tone stud earring base for pierced ears. Flat pad is 6mm.  Please purchase the backs to match here and here. Measured by weight so count may not always be exact.
$8.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Super Sculpey 1 LB Beige Quick View

Super Sculpey Beige 1 LB (454g)

Super Sculpey Polymer Clay- Beige 1 LB (454g) Super Sculpey® is a unique polymer clay, loved by artists, doll makers and animation studios around the world. It has a ceramic like feel and allows for extremely detailed sculpting. Super Sculpey® features fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and does not “fill in” after tooling. Stays soft until baked – Does not air dry. Remains soft until it is baked in your home oven. Extra clay can be stored and reused - won't dry out! Semi-translucent beige, that once baked, captures the glow of real skin. After baking, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints.  
$22.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Super Sculpey Ultralight Polymer Clay Quick View

Super Sculpey Ultralight Polymer Clay 8oz (227g)

Super Sculpey Ultralight Polymer Clay- 8oz (227g) Polyform's  lightest weight clay available! Versatile, super soft clay perfect to use for all your clay crafting creations from jewelry, home décor, mixed media and cos play creations!  Twice the volume of a Premo Sculpey 8oz bar with half the weight!! Try mixing a bit in with your usual clay to obtain a lighter weight result.  Great for earrings and other jewelry pieces. Makes the perfect armature for sculptures! It is smoother and easier to work with than aluminum foil! Excellent filler for larger beads Perfect for making Keepsake handprint and paw print ornaments Lightweight which makes it perfect for cosplay creations Stays soft until baked – Does not air dry. Remains soft and flexible until it is baked in your home oven. Extra clay can be stored and reused - won't dry out! Once baked, it can be sanded, drilled, buffed and painted with acrylic paints Safe and non-toxic!
$19.99 H.S.T. Add to cart

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