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O-Rings to fit 5mm Buna Cord Pack of 50 Quick View

O-rings for 5 mm Cord (choose quantity)

O-rings for 5mm Buna Cord-package of 50 We carry several sizes of O-rings. They can used decoratively or functionally.  Use to help finish off the end cap. Use them as spacers or stoppers.  Use them as rings for chain maille projects or in place of traditional jump rings. 
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New! ArtResin Clear Epoxy Quick View

ArtResin-Clear Epoxy Resin

ArtResin Clear Resin- Chose the 8 oz or 32 oz Kit ArtResin epoxy resin is derived from museum conservation-grade materials to ensure its water-clear clarity is preserved for decades. Easy to mix and safe to use. Non toxic formulation. Watch the video here. See below for more information.
$32.00$64.00 H.S.T.Select options
Thicker Buna Cord 6,8 and 12.7mm Quick View

Black Buna Cording THICK (Choose 6,8 or12.7mm) 1 meter

Super Thick Buna Cord-Make a Statement! Choose from 6, 8 or 12.7mm thicknesses. We also carry several sizes of O-rings to fit the cords. Here Try using our screw eyes to insert onto the ends of the thick cord.  You will then be able to attach jump rings clasps or other fasteners. Turn your small leftover pieces of the thicker buna cords into beads or earrings! Find end caps here.  
$5.99$11.99 H.S.T.Select options

Clearly for Art Blackout Film 8′ X 10″ (3pcs)

Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi: Clearly for Art Blackout Stamp or die-cuts shape, heat to soften, then shape into clear dimensional embellishments. Don't like what you created? Just reheat & reshape it again. It's...Clearly for Art Blackout.
$5.99 H.S.T.Read more
New! Nested Oval Cutters Quick View

Cookie Cutters-Nested Oval

American Crafts Collection Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Nested Oval American Crafts Collection Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Nested Oval- 4 piece oval nested cookie cutter set. Largest pieces is approximately 3"x 3.75".
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New! Nested Rectangle Cutters Quick View

Cookie Cutters-Nested Rectangle

American Crafts Collection Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Nested Rectangle American Crafts Collection Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Nested Rectangle- 4 piece rectangle nested cookie cutter set. Largest pieces is approximately 2.5"x 3.5".
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Krylon Leafing Pen 18KT Gold Quick View

Krylon 18 Kt Gold Leafing Pen

KRYLON-Leafing Pens are sleek and ideal for all types of creative detailing. Great for use with your alcohol ink projects and polymer clay. The Unique valve system allows for dispensing paint in a smooth, controlled flow. Ideal for embellishing many different craft projects. 1 Gold leafing pen.
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New! Liquitex Gel Medium-matte Quick View

Liquitex-Matte Gel Medium 8oz

Liquitex-Matte Gel Medium 8oz A thick gel that imparts a translucent matte sheen when dry. Ideal for creating collages with heavier objects. Combine with Liquitex Gloss Gel to create a customized satin finish. Use as a collage adhesive or to adhere Yupo paper to sealed wood panels. See how Jane Monteith uses it in this video. Art sample on this page is Jane's. find the wood panels here. ArtResin can be found here.
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New! Nuvo Masking Fluid Quick View

Nuvo Masking Fluid 1.5oz

NUVO Masking Fluid 1.5oz Use as a resist with all of your art work. Apply to your surface, once dry apply alcohol ink, paint etc. When your media of choice has dried just peel away the mask to reveal to base color. Made in France.
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Patty Papers Box of 1000 Quick View

Patty Papers Box of 1000

Patty Papers- Box of 1000 Use these lightweight, disposable papers to work on. Great for working with polymer clay. Perfect for catching loose powders like ICED Enamels and easily pour them back into their containers for less waste. Catch your mess on these 13cm X 13cm papers instead of making a mess on your work surface. 5.25" X 5.25" In a convenient, dispensable box.
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Sale!New! The Polymer Arts Spring 2018 Quick View

The Polymer Arts Magazine-SPRING 2018

 The Polymer Arts Magazine Spring 2018 Issue- All Things Big and Small Here are some of the articles you can look forward to: Also see Flipbook Previews of some Issues --The Art of Donna Greenberg --Ultimate Cane Reduction --Creating in Miniature --Photographing Scale --Big Ideas - Installation Art --Being a Green Polymer Artist ... and much more! 
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New! IRB59875 Rune Shield Ant Bronze Quick View

RUNE-Bezel-SHIELD Antique Bronze

RUNE Bezel-SHIELD Antique Bronze (1 piece) Over-sized Metal Bezel. Fill with resin or polymer clay. Some can be attached by both ends. Introducing a new collection of Susan Lenart Kazmer Bezels to the ICE Resin® product line. The new Rune Bezels replicate original designs by Susan Lenart Kazmer and are available in Antique Silver and Antique Bronze finishes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rune Bezels have a closed back and are ideal to fill with ICED Enamels, Shattered Mica, German Glass Glitter, Opals & ICE Resin® or ArtResin epoxy.
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Screw Eyes Quick View

Screw Eyes-Silver 7mm Pack of 20

Screw Eyes-Silver 7m-Package of 20 Use screw eyes with resin or polymer clay as a means to hang or attach other findings and turn your creations into jewelry or wall hangings. You can also screw into the ends of thick buna cord and then attach jump rings or clasps etc. The screw eyes in the examples shown have been coloured to match the dark buna cord. Use alcohol inks or Swellegant to change the look.
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Adirondack Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz at Ranger Quick View

SINGLES Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks .5 oz

Adirondack Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz. Look under "Mixatives" in the drop down for Snow Cap and all of the metallic colors. Acid-free, fast drying transparent, specially formulated, coordinating dye inks. Use on glossy paper, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces. Available in 18 exciting 3-color palettes. Open the COLOR CHART   in another window to make it easy to choose your colors. See "Description" (below left) for more information and helpful links. Images of art by Jane Monteith. 
$4.99$6.99 H.S.T.Select options
New! Sqeegee Quick View

Squeegee 1pc

ICE Resin® Squeegee features flexible silicon which makes it easy to evenly spread ICE Resin® or ArtResin over tissue, transparencies, fabric and more. The Squeegee is the ideal tool for making Ice Resin® Paper. Use for spreading Liquitex Gel Medium on  wood panels or use with silk screens to evenly spread paint.
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CJMS4-400 CaBezel Jewelry Mold Quick View

LIANE- CaBezel Jewelry Mold

The Liane-  Cabezel Jewelry Mold There can never be enough fabulous focal bead shapes. This shape is absolutely perfect for showcasing your beautiful canes of veneers, micro mosaics and more! We've made this shape in 3 different sizes. Think earrings, pendants brooches, scarf clips and more. Join several small to create a bracelet. Wonderful on their own, surrounded by embellishments or as a focal for bead embroidery.
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New! Wood Blocks-Pine 4X4 Quick View

Wood Block-Pine 4″X 4″

Wood Block made of pine 4"X 4" square 1.5" thick This wood block can be customized with paint, vinyl, metal, string art and more! This package contains one 4x4x1.25 inch wood block. Made in USA. Rough block. Great introductory substrate for beginners. May contain some imperfections. Mount your alcohol Ink artworks as shown here by Jane Monteith.  
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New! Wood Panel 6X6X1 Quick View

Wood Panel 6″X 6″ (1″ depth)

Wood Panel 6" X 6" (1" depth) A great base for a variety of projects. Use these versatile art boards for oil painting, acrylic painting, collages, home decor projects and more! Each panel consists of a thin plywood top that is mounted flush to a wooden frame for a total depth of 1". Mount your alcohol Ink artworks as shown here by Jane Monteith.  
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New! Wood Panel 8"X 8" Quick View

Wood Panel 8″X 8″ (1.5″ depth)

WALNUT HOLLOW-Basswood Canvas. 8"X8", 1.5" depth These wood canvas' are sanded smooth to remove the grain to prevent interference with your artistic techniques. Each piece is made of kiln-dried wood and its main advantage over the typical canvas is this will not stretch or warp with your painting, drawing, decoupage, stain, varnish or any other artist's medium. Ideal for fine art, encaustic art collage, woodburning, wood carving, stamping, cover with paper, fabric, paint, alcohol inks, the list is virtually endless. This canvas is also reversible: use with or without a frame, add glass and make it into a shadow box, make a clock, memorabilia center and much more. Canvas board is 1/8in thick and frames are 1-1/2x5/8in. Made in USA.  
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New! YUPO 74Lb Quick View

YUPO Paper 74Lb-Roll 30″X10 yards

YUPO Paper 74LB-Roll of 30" X 10 yards Yupo paper is a unique alternative to traditional watercolor papers. It's an incredibly durable, stain-resistant, non-absorbent synthetic paper that holds ink and watercolor with razor sharp precision. This extraordinary surface also resists tearing and buckling and it remains perfectly flat.
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