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New! Brayer 4 Quick View

Brayer 4″ wide

Brayer 4" wide Use this brayer to make adding paint to your Gelli Plate or any surface a breeze.  Easy clean up too. Need paint to get you started?  Try here.
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Channel Ring Quick View

Channel Ring- 3 pack

Channel Ring- Available in sizes 7 & 8.  Silver Plated These channel rings are silver plated base metal with a deep channel for filling with your favourite thing. Use clay veneers or paper. Or, use 2 part epoxy clay and fill the channel with your favourite Sworovski's, stones or beads.  Unlimited only by your imagination! Channel width is just under 3/16".
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New! Gelli Arts Plate 5X7 Quick View

Gelli Arts Gel Plate

Welcome to the world of Mono Printing with Gelli Arts! They love gelatin printing so they developed a better way to do it!This Gel Printing Plate looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature. It's easy to clean and always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool! Imagine your own designs used in your jewelry, polymer clay and scrapbooking projects. There are lots of videos to inspire you.  Use with this brayer and these paints for starters.
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Pinata Alcohol Inks 4 oz Quick View

Pinata Alcohol Inks (Large 4oz)

SAVE! New Large 4 oz size of Pinata Alcohol Inks. Pinata Colors by Jacquard are beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks. They have an alcohol base which makes them indelible and moisture resistant when dry and allow you to use them on almost any surface as long as it's clean and oil-free. Highly versatile, Pinata inks can be used in a variety of applications, including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrapbooking. Also use Pinata in calligraphy, faux finishing techniques and airbrush applications, as well as wood and leather staining.
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Adirondack Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz at Ranger Quick View

SINGLES Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks .5 oz

Adirondack Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz. Newest colours are Amethyst, Flamingo, Limeade, Turquoise and Valencia. Acid-free, fast drying transparent, specially formulated, coordinating dye inks. Use on glossy paper, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces. Available in 18 exciting 3-color palettes. Open the COLOR CHART   in another window to make it easy to choose your colors. See "Description" (below left) for more information and helpful links. 
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SoftGLAS Cording Quick View

SoftGLAS Hollow Jewelry Cord

SoftGLAS Jewelry Cord This new version of the SoftGLAS Jewelry Cord is softer and more silky feeling than ever. This cord is hollow tubing that can be used for bracelets and necklaces.  The hollow tube can be joined in the conventional manner with end caps of the appropriate size or use the amazing Joiner Charms.  These charms are a silver toned metal that when placed inside the ends of the SoftGLAS tubing will hold your bracelets and necklaces together securely. 
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New! The Polymer Arts Fall 2016 Quick View

The Polymer Arts Magazine-Fall 2016 Simplicity & Serenity

It's Here! The Polymer Arts Magazine FALL 2016 is all about Simplicity & Serenity. This publication is a must have for polymer clay enthusiasts!The Fall 2016 Issue: Simplicity & Serenity •Mastering Simplicity in Design •Building Beautiful Bangles by Julie Cleveland •Creating Polymer Mandalas by Anke Humpert •The Many Uses of Scrap Ends by Dan Cormier •Inspiration through Meditation •Your Personal Journey in Creativity by Tory Hughes •Using Text in Your Art •Simple and Smart Shipping •...and so much more!View  samples of several past issues here in the form of a flip book.
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New! Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Starter Kit Quick View

Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Kit

Retro Cafe Adirondack Alcohol Ink Set by Ranger /Tim Holtz Pool, Pink Sherbet, Espresso Acid-free, fast drying transparent coordinating Earthtones, Lights and Brights dye inks specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect. Use on glossy paper, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces. Available in 18 exciting 3-color palettes.
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Quick View

Vertical Pin/Brooch Converter

Vertical Pin/Brooch Converters These vertical pin converters are made to convert your  brooches into pendants. Now that favourite brooch can do double duty. Strong, best quality, silver plated with large opening to accommodate even really thick cording including Kumihimo.  Sold in packs of 6 and 36 for greater savings.
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New! Waterbrush Detailer Nib-Tim Holtz Quick View

Waterbrush-Detailer Brush Nib-Tim Holtz

Ranger® Tim Holtz Tools Waterbrush Nib Detailer-Brush you can fill with water or Blending solution to highlight and shade, or create artwork. Fill, then dip into ink or paints and create away. Lesson by Tim Holtz here. Carolyn Good of 2 Good Claymates shares her experience here.
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