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Sculpey Premo and Souffle Multi Pack – 24 Colours X 1oz each

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Both clays are flexible, very strong and durable perfect for advanced techniques like caning, mokume gane and bargello.
Soufflé is lightweight and has a suede like finish. It can be cut and sewn after baking.
Mix Premo and Soufflé together to make glitter and metallic versions of Soufflé clay
This pack is a great way to try out both brands of clay in a wide variety of colors and finishes
Stays soft until baked – Does not air dry. Remains soft until it is baked in your home oven at the low temperature of 275 °F
Extra clay can be stored and reused – won’t dry out!
Great for a variety of projects such as: jewelry, DIY home décor, mixed media and more!
Safe and non-toxic!

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Weight 0.729 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19.5 × 2.5 cm
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We are proud to represent vendors of quality tools and supplies. Occasionally there may be a defective item and should this happen we will gladly issue a replacement or refund. Other items may also be returned if they are unused and in their original packaging and may be subject to a restocking charge. Please contact us with any questions and before returning merchandise.  

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Sale! Ball Stud/Loop and Butterfly Back 144 pc each Quick View

Ball Stud/Loop Earrings with Backs 144 pcs each

Ball Stud with Loop Earrings and Butterfly Backs 144 pcs each Each package contains 144 gold tone ball studs with loop and 144 butterfly backs. Ball is 4mm + loop Measured by weight so count may not always be exact.
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Souffle Multipack 12 colours Quick View

Sculpey Souffle Clay Multipack

Sculpey® Souffle Multi-pack Souffle is an innovative lightweight clay perfect for jewelry making! Its strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello and caning. Super flexible – can be cut and sewn after baking – perfect for embellishing bags, making tags, enhancing paper crafting and more! It is strong and self supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces which makes it great for larger clay projects as well. Beautiful suede finish when baked. See below for list of colours included.  Mix the discontinued colours with these recipes. Souffle Color Mixing Chart
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Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay Quick View

Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay

Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay  Sculpey® Souffle Polymer Clay is an innovative lightweight, strong clay with a suede-like finish + the ability to hold detail makes this an absolute favourite clay of jewelry makers! Large 7 oz blocks of Igloo (white) and Poppy Seed (black)  are available in the drop-down menu along with the 1.7oz colours. Buy the Souffle BUNDLE and SAVE!!  Now 25 Colours in all! - SAVE $7.50 + Free Stainless Steel Bowl See below for a list of colours. Mix them yourself with these recipes. Souffle Color Mixing Chart
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CaBezel Jewelry Mold All In One Circle Quick View

Round All-in-One CaBezel Mold

Round All-in-One CaBezel Mold The All-in-One CaBezel Molds are different from the "Original" series of CaBezel molds. One mold can create both the cabochon and bezel for your opolymer clay jewelry.
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mold for DIY polymer clay jewelry Quick View

Geometric CaBezel

Geometric Cabezel Jewelry Mold This is one of the 3 original CaBezel mold designs. This set has the 4 basic shapes that you will use over and over again.  Set includes Square (7/8"), Rectangle (7/8"x1 1/4"), Round (7/8"), Oval (7/8"x1 1/4"). Sizes shown are approximate and represent the cabochon size.  The "Mini" CJM has smaller versions of all 4 shapes plus the 4 shapes from the Organic CJM.
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Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay 8 oz Quick View

Premo Clay 8oz

Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay 8oz - White, Black and Translucent   Now available in 8oz: Opal Glitter and Gray Granite, Silver and Turquoise Premo Sculpey is an artist’s dream come true! After conditioning this clay is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine detail and for specialized techniques. It’s perfect for caning, mokume gane and mica shift. Because Premo retains flexibility, the finished product remains very strong and durable. Premo Clay, all colours are available in the 2oz size with select colours available in and 8oz and 1 Lb sizes.
$13.99$14.99 H.S.T. Select options
Circular Grid Texture Quick View

Circular Grid Texture 5.75″ 1pc

Circular Grid Texture 5.75" 1pc Sculpey® Texture Sheet - Nature Quickly and easily add pattern to any of your polymer clay projects. Flexible, transparent material. 1 flexible, reusable texture sheet (plastic canvas) Size 5.75" Grid pattern in a circular shape made of tiny squares. Lots of possibilities. Perfect for Mokume Gane and jewelry.
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PanPastel Pearlescents Set of 6 Quick View

PanPastel Pearlescents – Set of 6 Colours

PanPastel Pearlescents - Set of 6 Colours Contains all 6 Pearlescent Colors. Pearlescents can be used on their own or mixed with the original colors for custom pearl effects. These are beautful artist quality pigments that blend effortlessly.  Perfect with polymer clay too. Contains: 1 x Pearlescent Blue 955.5 1 x Pearlescent Violet 954.5 1 x Pearlescent Red 953.5 1 x Pearlescent Orange 952.5 1 x Pearlescent Yellow 951.5 1 x Pearlescent Green 956.5 2 x Sofft Mini Applicator 2 x Sofft Sponge Bars 4 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2) 2 x Storage Jars
$59.99 H.S.T. Add to cart

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CaBEZELS- the Just BEZELS Series

NEW! Introducing a new line of CaBEZEL Jewelry Molds - Just Bezels There are 6 Molds to choose from and each mold has several shapes and comes with the  template to cut out the matching insert. No cabochon mold this time, it's just the bezel. I'm going to show you how to insert your favourite clay veneers of even beautiful papers! Grab this inspiring pdf guide JUST Bezels See below for more info and learn about the discount when you purchase a set 3 or 6 in this CaBEZEL series. For a limited time only -I'm including 1 full colour, printed page of an original pattern to use inside your baked bezels.  This bonus ends June 30 2022 BONUS of FREE unlimited downloads: Purchase a set of 3 or 6 and you'll also get the link to download and print as many copies of the original design(s) as you want! Forever! Bonus   Recieve a FREE Necklace Kit when you purchase the SET of all 6 New CaBEZEL Jewelry Molds! Read more JUST Bezels    
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Compact Mirror to cover and embellish Quick View

Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror  2.25" across A little compact with so many possibilities. Great for holiday gifts, Mother's Day, Birthdays or just because. The inside contains a mirror on both sides.  The top outer surface has a recessed area for easy placement of your embellishment. The bottom outside surface has a slightly textured design.  50MM Inner diameter. Silver plated. Think polymer clay, alcohol inks and Resin.
$4.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
New! Cyanotype Sun sensitive printing set used in jane Montieths cyano course Quick View

Cyanotype Set

Cyanotype 2 part Set is the "original" sun-printing process, one of the earliest photographic techniques. 2 Component Sentisizer Set for Photographic blueprints on paper and fabric. Used by Jane Monteith in her Cyanotype printmaking course here. See below for more info.  
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Earring Starter Kit with free Texture Sheet Quick View

Polymer Clay Earring Business – Starter Pack

Polymer Clay Earring Business - Starter Pack  -  Valued at almost $50 for the findings alone! Limited quantities Creating a collection of polymer clay earrings should be fun and effortless. Have you ever wanted to get started selling polymer clay earrings but just didn't know where to start so you did nothing instead? Looking at all the available findings out there just confuses you?  Trust me, I've been there. This is your answer.  Not only will you get enough  supplies to make 144 pairs of earrings but so much more! Shepherd Hooks - 144 pcs Flat Earring Posts - 144 pcs Clear Flat Pad Earring Backs - 144 pcs Jump Rings 5mm - 288 pcs Jump Rings 7mm - 288 pcs PLUS we'll throw in some  items polymer clay jewelry makers love to use. 1 - 4"X 6" Texture Sheet (chosen by us) 1 - 1gram tube of Superglue 1 - Small Metal Cutter (chosen by us) Use the cutter to create studs or use it to create patterned polymer clay slabs for your unique collection of earrings. Once you get hooked, you may want to get the pack of 12 different shapes and some larger cutters as well. Find them here.    
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New! Essential metallics Quick View

Glimmer Foil Variety Pack

Glimmer Foil Variety Pack For use with the Glimmer Hot foil system or other hot foil stamping products. Apply to paper, fabric, ribbon, leather and more. Apply to unbaked polymer clay effortlessly or use with you alcohol ink art work, collage and mixed media. 4 foil rolls 5"X 15ft Choose from: Essential Metallics Silver, Pewter, Copper and Polished Brass  Spellbound Fuchsia, Flower, Speckled Aura and Prism  
$20.99 H.S.T. Select options
Magnetic Acrylic Clasp for 8mm cord Quick View

Magnetic Closure-Matte Acrylic Clasp-ID 8mm

Magnetic Closure-Matte Acrylic Clasp-ID 8mm 1set Perfect for using with our black 8mm Buna cord. Creates a unified, seamless look. 21X10.5 mm Inner dimension is 8 mm Works with  8 mm cord including our Buna cord.  Glue in place using a super glue.  
$6.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Magnetic Clasp for 8mm Cord Quick View

Magnetic Closure-Stainless Steel Clasp-ID 8mm (5 clasps)

Magnetic Closure-Stainless Steel Clasp (5 sets)  ID 8mm Beautiful quality, strong magnetic hold. 19X9mm Inner dimension is 8 mm Works with any 8 mm cord including our Buna cord.  Glue in place using a super glue like Loctite or  resin or a 2 part epoxy found here.  
$15.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
Metallic Flakes Silver and Gold Quick View

Metallic Foil Leaf Flakes 5g

Metallic Foil Leaf Flakes 5g Bag Add a special effect to your projects with these metallic foil leaf flakes. Find it in sheet form here Try mixing into polymer clay. Suitable for most crafting surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper and more. For best results seal your project with a top coat. See our top coats here. See our adhesives here. No adhesive necessay when applying to unbaked clay.  
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New! Pinata Varnish 4oz Quick View

Pinata High Gloss Varnish 4 oz

Pinata High Gloss Varnish 4 oz Pinata high gloss varnish is a game changer.  Non-toxic, self leveling and highly transparent.  This is a durable top coat for alcohol ink or any surface! See more below.  
$22.00 H.S.T. Add to cart
Renaissance Wax 65ml Quick View

Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax  65ml Renaissance wax can be used to protect metals such as silver, brass and copper from tarnishing, on collections of all types of metals (old coins, locks and keys, arms and armour both original and replica), on both the wood and metal surfaces of vintage cars and musical instruments, on bronze sculptures inside the home and outside exposed to the elements, on marble and granite worktops to prevent staining and on smooth leather items. These are just some of the applications the wax has been used on.
$29.99 H.S.T. Add to cart
Zap Jewelry Gel Glue .10oz Quick View

Zap Jewelry Gel Glue .10oz

Zap Jewelry Gel Glue .10oz ZAP jewelry Gel is the thickest and strongest cyanoacrylate glue avaialble. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise applicatio of just the right amount. Popular with jewelry makers who appreciate the high strength and ability to apply just the right amount. Bonds: wood, leather, porcelain, rubber, plastic, metal Not for use by children. Warning, willbond skin.
$5.25 H.S.T. Add to cart

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