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premo polymer clay

8 new polymer clay colours available in Canada now. 4 new Sculpey Premo colours and 4 new Sculpey Souffle colours

6+2 MORE NEW Colours! 3 Souffle and 4 Premo

6 +2 =8 NEW Polymer Clay Colours have just arrived! We’ve just added:  Souffle Glacier and Premo Mocha Pearl Introducing the newest members of the Sculpey Souffle family: Koi Racing Green Lilac MistFind them here.  Introducing the newest members of the Sculpey Premo family: Champagne Pearl Berry Pearl Ice Blue…

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Igloo, White and Gray Granite polymer clay

More Latte, Igloo and even Gray Granite!!

More 2 oz Latte and Igloo AND 8oz Gray Granite too!!!Our shipment of Premo and Souffle (plus some other Polyform items) has arrived!The website has been updated with the product now (Monday August 23rd) and will start shipping  out on Wednesday!Here is a partial list of what we’ll be getting…

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FIMO Polymer Clay 1LB restock

More Clay is on the way

Worldwide Polymer Clay Shortage As you know, there is a global shortage of Premo and Souffle polymer clay. We are getting another shipment by Friday (Jan. 29) but only the same colours that are currently in stock. Since we still aren’t receiving any white or black Premo, we have decided to…

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